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Student Resources

Majors and Minors

When starting a university, there are many different majors and minors available to students. Sometimes the choices can be overwhelming. At APLUS USA, we work with students one on one in unique skills assessment workshops to determine where our students’ interests, passions, and job related skills sets intersect.

We also have an extensive network of faculty and alumni from countless different four year institutions across the United States, as well as stellar college admissions guidance staff who will help you apply to the top programs in the United States and beyond!

For more information on our majors and minors selection process services that we offer students, schedule a free consultation today!


Course Catalogues


Experiential Learning

Many universities and community college campuses offer a variety of supplemental learning opportunities in the form of clubs and activities, as well as local community centers that will get students settled in their new lives in the United States.

At APLUS USA, we help students find and connect with local activities that match their interests, as well as give career counseling that will assist students in turning their passions into careers.


Career Services

Many universities offer career services centers. However, often these centers are understaffed and overbooked. Therefore, these centers may or may not have the resources to give students the individual attention they need to thrive in their future careers, or to even get an entry level position in the career in which students are interested.

At APLUS USA, we give students the individual attention that career services often lack. We hold regular resume and cover letter writing workshops, and pair you one on one with experienced career coaches who will help you reach the job of your dreams.


Student Activities

There are many exciting student activities available around the Seattle area. In addition, at APLUS USA we hold quarterly field trips around the Seattle area. Past field trips have included Pike Place Market and Candy Cane Lane. Keep an eye on our blog for updates!