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APLUS USA was founded in 1997 by Takumi Mizukoshi who works as our current CEO and advises students. As a past international student and Seattle University graduate, Takumi understands and has faced many of the same challenges that students do now. In response to his experience, paired with a passion for international business, Takumi started APLUS USA with the intent to help international students succeed both during and post-college. With over 20 years of experience in international business, entrepreneurship, and managing APLUS, Takumi has been able to help many students achieve their goals and succeed in universities here.

We at APLUS USA are dedicated to helping the young people who will lead the next generation. We work to lead students into playing an active role in the world stage as true international citizens.
Why Choose APLUS USA?
Our staff, who have been in the United States for more than 20-30 years, and have graduated from local universities, are familiar with American life and education systems and will be able to support your study abroad experience.

We understand how to successfully study in the United States after receiving an education in Japan

We know the educational background and common sense of society in Japan, so we can understand your worries and concerns.

The staff who are well-versed and able to understand the journey from Japan to America and will give consideration to the individuality of each student. We will do our best to support each student with regard to their goals and needs.

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